Healthcare Component Manufacturing

Engineering Machining Fabricating Inc. entered this market in the late 1990’s by way of business we acquired from several well-respected healthcare companies that specialize in adult and pediatric mobility products. We have not only become a manufacturing source for their products, but also regularly assist in design and engineering. We currently manufacture a unique array of items that range from hand tools that professionals use to perform their specialty, to precision machined parts which become critical components of our customer’s products. We also design and manufacture tools and equipment that support our customer’s own production, with examples such as assembly fixtures, molds for producing silicone parts, and testing devices used for quality control. We are eager to continue expanding into this market and welcome new inquiries.

Healthcare industry manufactures we have served include producers of:

  • Prosthetics and Orthotics products
  • Medical laboratory equipment
  • Eyeglass lenses and optics
  • Patient care products