Urethane Foam Fixture Systems

Engineering Machining Fabricating Inc. is highly experienced in the design and manufacturing of urethane foaming fixture systems and tooling. The purpose of foam fixtures is to precisely and rigidly support a foamed product during the dispensing and curing of urethane foam chemicals. When foam is dispensed into the closed volume of a product, it expands and exerts pressure on its surroundings.

EMF foam fixtures are designed to restrain the displacement of the product’s components resulting foam pressure in order to achieve a high quality finished part. EMF foam fixtures are commonly temperature controlled with fluid or electric systems which enhance the curing process of the foam chemicals, and increase the overall insulative quality of the foam.

Industries commonly served include:

• Residential and commercial refrigerated appliances
• Residential and commercial ice making equipment
• Ultra low temperature laboratory freezers
• Refrigerated vending machines
• Reach in and walk in coolers
• Insulated building components (doors and panel components)
• Residential water heaters
• Insulated HVAC components

EMF has extensive experience in designing and building foam fixtures for all rates of production.

High Volume Foam Fixtures and Tooling

Low Volume Manual Foam Fixtures

Prototype and Lab Foam Fixtures and Tooling