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Ice bin
Ice bin
Ice bin

Stationary Case Foam Fixture

A self-contained insulated case foam fixture that offers a minimal footprint and unique features not found elsewhere.


  • HMI touchscreen and PLC controls with automatic and manual modes.
  • Hydraulic and pneumatic-powered actuators
  • Manual product load/unload aided by pop-up idler rollers in the base frame.
  • Fixture safety features include two-hand optical touch sensor operation, overhead core safety lock mechanism, and clear view polycarbonate enclosure.
  • Temperature control of the tooling surfaces and exterior.
  • Gear and rack stabilized foam plug travel.
  • Expandable foam plug with over center locking linkages.
  • Positive locking of foam plug to the exterior with cam over center latch hooks.
  • Shimable tooling to control critical dimensions.